2nd CONFERENCE DAY, Thursday 29. April 2021



Fokus Forming

Room "Flores + Alentejo"

Fokus Welding

Room "Da Capo"

Fokus Additive

Room "Vila Verde"
08:30 Usage of Simulation in Spiral
Bevel Gear Production by Cold Forging

Nuwan Karunathilaka, Zeno Tech Co. Ltd.
Investigation on Welding Distortion
of Structural Steel Products and Process
Improvement by Numerical Simulation Method

Krunal Thakar, L&T Technology Services Ltd.
Additive Process Chain: From Virtual Design to Real Implementation
Tobias Mussehl Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
09:00 Process chain design and simulation
in the industrial production of rail wheels

Dr. Dirk Klug, Schuler Pressen GmbH
Developments and future trends in
welding simulation with focus on the virtual production process chain in
car body construction

Dr. Yves Marcel Omboko
Volkswagen AG
Key Factor Design: Additive successful with Additive Manufacturing
Dr. Thomas Reiher/ Gereon Deppe, simufact engineering gmbh
09:30 Experimental and numerical material flow investigations for combined rolling
and extrusion

Christoph Heinzel, SMS group GmbH
Welding Process Digital Twin:
How Simufact Welding can save
Time and Money

Brion Shaw, Northrop Grumman Maritime Systems
Simulation of geometrical defects occured in powder bed parts
Soukaina Ghaoui, Université Bordeaux

Kaffeetasse C O F F E E • E X H I B I T I O N

10:30 Bearing towards the cutting edge: Grinding & honing simulation
Dr. Stefan Schmaltz, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG
Welding Simulation around the Globe:
The easy Button

Fernando Okigami, Teknicae Manufactura Avançada
Welding simulation for distortion
compensation in
industrial deposition welding

Dr. Max Biegler, Fraunhofer IPK
11:00 Numerical process design for
the production of a metallic bipolar
plate suitable for series production

Alexander Bauer, TU Chemnitz
Concurrent Virtual Simulation in Door Inr Assembly Process
Chul hong Rhie, Hyundai Motor Group
AddiForm -
Experimental and numerical challenge
in the process combination
of wire arc additive manufacturing and rolling (flow-forming)

Dr. Sebastian Härtel, TU Chemnitz
11:30 Reinforcement solutions for the local prestressing of cold forging tools
Martin Killmann, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
VilMa – Towards an automated modelling approach and beyond
Dr. Marius Gatzen, simufact engineering gmbh
Metal Binder Jetting – the solution for economical mass-production by AM
Tim Wischeropp, Fraunhofer IAPT
12:00 An analytical approach for the development of Hot Spinning forming technology
Ken Ikawa, Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Ltd.
Using resistance spot welding simulation
to develop avoidance strategies for liquid metal embrittlement induced cracking in automotive zinc coated steels

Dr. Max Biegler, Fraunhofer IPK
Technology diversity and market developments of metal Additive Manufacturing
Matthias Schmidt-Lehr, Ampower GmbH & Co.

L U N C H • E X H I B I T I O N

14:00 Technical Session: Simufact Forming
Best Practice:
Design forming processes safely through application-oriented damage modelling by Dr. Edgar Husser
Roadmap, Q&A
Technical Session: Simufact Welding
Best Practice, Roadmap, Q&A
Technical Session: Simufact Additive
Best Practice, Roadmap, Q&A
15:30 Award Ceremony: Best Lecture Award / Farewell    
16:00 End of the 21st RoundTable 2021